Performing as Tony the King in Montreal at La Sala Rossa.

Work Portfolio/Resume

Storyteller. Multimedia artist. Traveler. Sports junkie.

Sessions House Smithie. Dartmouth grad school dropout.

Music lover. DJ. Book nerd. Tech geek.

Amateur mixologist.

Sister. Favorite aunt. Best cousin.

Georgia Geechee. Florida raised.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve redesigned my personal website. I have had a web presence since the time I first lived in the San Francisco Bay area, the mid-1990s, which seems like ages ago. My first online outpost, in the era of BBSs and walled communities like Prodigy and CompuServe, included some rudimentary pages on the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills Internet, which later became Geocities. I purchased one of the first HTML books by Sam’s Publishing, taught myself a few tricks and I was hooked. However, about two or three years ago, I can’t even remember now, I took my site offline to redesign and rethink it for the nth time. I also wanted to take the time to sort through over a decade of archives. As life got in the way, the task of putting the site back online fell to the back burner. But here we are. 2016. I imported many of my random Tumblr posts to the site.

Welcome, again. I’m. Still. Here.

Cuba, 1999.