Best lines of the first episode of season six of "True Blood"


Pam and Tara on the beach, “True Blood” S06E01

  • Ragtag band of fuckups.” -Nora to the crew escaping the authority headquarters and a bloody Billith
  • I hate the beach: fish piss and sand in your cooch.” – Pam to Tara
  • I am sick as fuck of you blood suckers brain raping me against my will.” -Jason to Nora (ohh beautiful dumb as a box of rocks jason, lol!)
  • Your litter of alien babies.” – Arlene to Andy about his neglect of his four (?) fairy babies.
  • Well, I got news for you Andy; life ain’t fair and there ain’t no Santa Claus neither. And when you stick Mr. Happy inside somebody’s hoo-ha without a raincoat on, babies come out!” -Arlene screaming to Andy. What a great actress, I hope she reprises her role as the kooky but brilliant lawyer on the next season of “The Good Wife”
  • Andy replies: “Well hog tits Arlene! I haven’t had a chance to read a book or take a goddamn poop class…if that even exists.” Priceless.
  • That was the sickest shit I’ve seen on TV and I watch ‘Dance Moms.’” – Lafayette to Sam about Luna’s shapeshifting on live TV
  • Oh hey there shorty pop, what’s cooking?” -Lafayette to Luna’s daughter who replies
  • My mommy’s dead, I’m hungry.” Lil’ girl shapeshifter
  • You want something deep fried, dipped in sugar and fried all over again…do something with your hair too.” -Lafayette to Luna’s hungry daughter, lmao.
  • Wrong place at the wrong time ought to be my middle fucking name.” – Lafayette
  • I feel like that lil’ gay boy from that movie ‘I see  dead people.’” – Jason talking about going to crazy to ol’ creepy azz Warlow